February 1, 2009

Last painful will

Wandering day and night
trying to find you without any fight

Searching helplessly
Tears flowing out of me

I kept coming back to this rotten tree
And it feels like a nightmare
When will I be free

I kept seeing my self in front of me
Seems at rest but pleading for a
Simple glee

What if all was planned?
What if everything seems real but it was not
Fantasy is just like reality
A dream that might never come true

All alone I traveled on vast land
Searching for a place to call home

What if everything she does is to
Help you realize that you are only
Alive on their hearts?

Can you accept a fact?
Can you believe the truth?
All things you have done
Just ended with a single tear

A ghost that never knew his own death
Never really existed..

~Kidium Masters~

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