October 16, 2007

Dearest Mother

Everything she does is
Merely a sacrifice of blood and
Every drop of sweat is an accomplished work

ittle by little she grew in blissful memories
Indestructible will and patience

Nothing can stop her
Daily prayer gives her strength
And amongst the living she is God's greatest gift

Five Mile Fever

Sever those ties that binds us
Forget it all but don't be harsh

A path that belongs to me
Can you please set me free

Time that i spent with you
Flies up like a little crow

Cherished memories is no hoax
always hidden in my treasure box

Curves throughout this journey never ends
Heart of stone cannot be bended

Sacrifices made shouldn't be surrendered
I created a life to be remembered

Of all people you gave me pain
Now I am numbed and fully trained

These crossroads we encounter
Most likely to be hugs that don't matter

Living in this world has its own cracks
Avoiding my anger to erupt

Continuous Rain of love
Will slow down like tears
That came out on a dove

As I grasped for my last air
I will die with no shame
To be heard

~kidium masters~