August 3, 2008

+Rosario Black+

Deep within the mysteries
of life it resides

A shadow of former self
hidden from sight

Love kept inside a
gemini heart

The beads that catches
laugh, mourns and praises
every single beat

A light from within
dissolves darkness

Builder of hope
destroyer of fears

Countless midnight
of pearl black glow

Collecting scattered dreams
of the past within the snow

Tears fell down
within the rain

Healing the scars
on the chest with sane

The blooming of black
lotus marks spring

If forgotten he just taps
your shoulder to give
you a silent ring

Forsake reality, lonely day
just passed my way

Over this shattered soul
of mine

Mend this heart
to hold on you forever

Until the end of
this prayer

~Kidium Masters™~