January 31, 2008


As darkness falls
and time flies with
a soft tune

Serenity passes by
with a calm wind
and warm hug

A melody of crickets
embraces your body
and gives you Eternal love and care

A light that stands out
through the night brighter than the star
peaceful than flowing river
sweeter that candy

~kidium masters~

January 30, 2008

Butterfly under the sunlight exchange

Gliding across the blue sky
with nothing to bother
the little beautiful butterfly

Passing and whispering
to every flower she passes by
A share of sweet nectars she long to have

Treasure of nature she is
Forever handled with care and love

Even if the heat is scorching like hell
A slight sight of a butterfly
would cool you down from mind to body
and spirit

Even a scar would heal itself up
and you would feel the serenity of it
each time you took
a glimpse of it

~Kidium Masters~

Butterfly under the moonlight fever

The gentle brushes of the leaves
was the calm wind's whisper to the earth

butterfly under the moonlight spectrum
the colors that shines as the beam
touches the wings of hope

Abstract beauty trails as it travels
from grove to grove

Peaceful scenery comes by
in every flap of its wings
blissful memories remembered
with a smile or a tear

A slow touch on a flower
sharing its dreams and pains
throughout its life

Never ending passion
through this night

~Kidium Masters~

January 17, 2008

Hate & Love

Having you by my side
Angers me all the time
Total mistake I made
Every Passing day you create
Losing myself to you
Oozing sensation on my body as I remember you
Velocity of time passes by
Elevation of a man lasted a lifetime

~kidium masters™~