August 1, 2009

One Knight Stand

Black leaves fall from the sky
Tears fall freely one by each eye

Severe Breath choking Challenges came
The Prince is trying to be sane

Silver Silk touch by the moon's Rays
He rides his horse but still wants to stay

Dark clouds fill the Day with gloom
When will the Prince grow and bloom

These Nights filled with Despair
How can his will be repaired

Never to backdown the prince always saying
But how can this be when all his pride was slain

Fiery eyes of the red sun has set his mood
hoping that this year will be good

her princess awaits her humble knight
will this savior be worthy by the king's sight

Fallen warriors never last the battle with a smile
Survivors are the only one who past the trial

The prince will always be there in her view
hoping that he would slay every foe along his way
and win the kings heart on cue

~Kidium Masters~