April 25, 2011

Dead Man's Pass

Once again I felt this sensation
deep inside my heart

Screams of hatred surrounds me
like cold wind in this room of art

Memoirs of warm & gentle embrace
keeps playing in my mind

Could you please be with me
remember me from time to time
if you would be kind

The struggle of laughter
and sorrow had begun

Different identities shows up
you might not notice
I'd be gone

The pain I felt everytime
is like Death being by my side

The joy I gave to everyone
is the best disguise for tears
I try to hide

The effort I showed
is nothing to you

Listen closely, feel my heartbeat
to understand me on a clearer view

I really couldn't cry
but my words written
contains my soul

Walking on my road
still finding my goal

I have written poems of love & hatred
for my heart be catered

I wrote again
for I to remember everything
even Pain

~Kidium Masters~