July 27, 2008

+Onyx blood+

Lost souls of the past
Keep crying for justice on love

The ocean of fear is calm but vast
Silence is still heard nowhere but above

Inhuman actions never cease to march
Crazy inhabitants lost their sense of pride

Pouring raindrops from the arch
From the boat of death I quickly ride

Dark winds set the boat to sail
To reach the heavens from which i must be

Stop that time before my heart turned pail
Freeze the moment for a while and please stay with me

Never wake me up,Leave my be
If you'll only destroy my destiny

~Kidium Masters™~

July 25, 2008

+Black Ghost+

The feeling of tremor living on my spine
Icy cold sweat slowly runs down my skin

The thought of death as i drink my wine
Indistinct screams i hear, sweat I quickly dry clean

Creaking wood, struggling chains
A shadowy figure runs in front of me

Jet black color yet you could see
That once he was just like me

I felt the tender touch
Like from a woman

The black ghost
which was my lover

who dwells on my past

~Kidium Masters™~