December 26, 2008

Au Revoir

With last words said
Death of the calendars
That gave aid

To go far from Joy
Reminisce moments with fear
of losing them,
Tonight burn that midnight oil

The sweetness of the sound
of the bells of a ship as it sails away
So does my heart looses its
beat and starts to fade away

Whisper of the heart
Heard from above
True intentions that was kept secret
Has been told

For the last time
I saw your face
Even if i refuse to let go
I must do it
for your sake and mine

My helpless heart has reached
its final destination
Another story was untold

Tears flows down,
Heart severs,
Bond broken,
Promises shattered,

With the last word said
Death of the calendars
That gave aid

I had loved you from the start
and continues forever

For the last time
this year.

...Au Revoir...

~Kidium Masters~

December 9, 2008

Choir of sorrow and pain

Listen to the rhythm on the air
the cry of hatred,
the tears of the star

Can you hear the melody of the river
the whistle of deceiving love,
Bloodshed for nothing by the most precious sun

Can you feel the wave of the clouds
the harmony of sadness,
the carelessness off the moon to watch over you

Listen very closely to the beat of my heart,
Can you hear the silence of the on going war
between Love and hatred, the battle of the dead

Listen... Listen...
Listen for the hymn of the choir of sorrow and pain...

~Kidium Masters~

December 1, 2008

You are my Ecstacy

Those eyes I love to stare
at most of the time
The tender sound of her footsteps
that goes well with this rhyme

Those hair strands that was blessed
with fragrance
The sway of her gentle body
I always took glance

That smile i wanted to see
each day
The girl I wished to be with
if you may

The addiction of loving you
kept me alive
But losing a girl to someone else
makes me naive

Girl I want you back
But my dreams
seems to be darker than

~Kidium Masters~