January 26, 2009

Princess of the Cherry Blossom

The beauty of this tree
As the leaves blossoms
Crystal pink

The beauty of this princess
As she blooms with eyes
That sparkles bright at night

She happily skips around that spot
She even murmurs like a cat
The simplest way she lives her life
This heart beats fast
Longing for her to be my wife

As the tree sways along with the wind
The princess dances and takes the lead
Around the beauty of that tree
When will she be free

The fresh fragrance in the air
And the sweet smile she wear
Revives this very heart of mine
As I watched her from a far and drank my wine

Slowly the tree burns down
Slowly the princess sat down and frowned
A tree she swore to protect with her heart
Is now dying and starts to depart

Release her from the chains of pain
From the heartache of the dying tree

Now and forever my love would stay
Little princess please come with me and pray

I am your prince for all seasons
Be with me for a reason

I love you from this very minute
Until the end of the so called Eternity

~Kidium Masters~