May 12, 2007

Dearest days

welcome dear sun, i see you again up in the sky...
you flew with the birds and smile with the air..

love and friendship crossed paths again.
the winter's sonata i always loved to hear

with each blow from the mountains..

May 6, 2007

Silent tears

Flowing still and freely
down the aisle of pain

passing down the mountain of despair
evading everyone's stare

screaming silently and
endlessly hoping for a sweet revenge

finding a way to last
in a world of fear

**Kidium Masters**

Sweet lullaby

she has this beautiful voice
in which i love to hear
she sings softly near my ear

everytime i feel troubled
sorrow quickly lifts up
everytime she embraces me

i love her in every way
and she loves me everyday

tomorrow is a new adventure
and she will guide me all the way.

**Kidium Masters**

Sealed lips, tongues tied

Mild,sweet and soft
like a silky woven cloth
in a land of candy covered mountains

Reminiscing being chained
in a maleficent memoir.
such that my love is true
for me and you.

**Kidium Masters**

Close to you

I wonder why i want you beside me
is it because i love being with you?

you where there whenever im troubled
you give me strength whenever im weak

we laugh together and live life side by side
wishing you to be always near...
every second every minute..

i think of you always whenever im alone
please stay closeFor i to be with you...

**Kidium Masters**

Severed Heart

it was pounded by thousand hammers,
slashed by thousand swords,
strike by raging lightnings...

it is like a container filled by demented sorrow of its past..
envy and anger continues to flow out from it...

an angel of death approaches the container and stare at it for a time... and uttered..
"is there any hope for this to heal itselfand return to its true form to be able to recognize someone else again?...its like a cadaver floating in a river of pain.. time may not tell on how it will heal itself..time is ticking fast... forever may be not enough... should i cut its pain now? or let someone else have patienceon reviving its life back..??"

the angel of death flew away leaving the container untouched....

My Heart?.....can you see its pain?...can you hear it screaming?....

**kidium masters**