February 28, 2009

As Eagles Spread their wings...Turtles come out of their shells

Reminder of love
Every time I see a dove
Create an everlasting trust by heart
Together we will not part
Indistinct voices heard
Time of life is short like thread
Unbreakable Chain we are
Destroyed by no one on this rhyme

Venture this path of gold
Every time I see you I try to be bold
Never will I be raged
Test of patience as I aged
Undeniable faith on the Lord
Rhythm of my love on this chord
Another story told

Free yourself from guilt
Offer your soul to me
Release all anger felt
Tomorrow wont be over for you and I
Unchained melodies created
Now and forever you are mine
Along this road we share for all this time

Fear of keeping you for myself
Amidst all odds I want you by my side
Dreams would come true with her guide
Unchanging will lending her hand to help
Leave her be for she is mine to hold

Time is at the very essence of life
Another heart almost came at my presence alive
Love I felt for you all this time
Anger never entered as long you are mine
God gave you to me
As I wish for true love to be

Tender love and care I ought to have
I never doubted God in everything even on love
As the music plays all this time
No body will replace you inside my heart
Golden Time I grabbed to see you day by day
Cover me with your arms tonight
Over and over I would stay in your arms Forever

~Kidium Masters~

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