April 25, 2011

Dead Man's Pass

Once again I felt this sensation
deep inside my heart

Screams of hatred surrounds me
like cold wind in this room of art

Memoirs of warm & gentle embrace
keeps playing in my mind

Could you please be with me
remember me from time to time
if you would be kind

The struggle of laughter
and sorrow had begun

Different identities shows up
you might not notice
I'd be gone

The pain I felt everytime
is like Death being by my side

The joy I gave to everyone
is the best disguise for tears
I try to hide

The effort I showed
is nothing to you

Listen closely, feel my heartbeat
to understand me on a clearer view

I really couldn't cry
but my words written
contains my soul

Walking on my road
still finding my goal

I have written poems of love & hatred
for my heart be catered

I wrote again
for I to remember everything
even Pain

~Kidium Masters~

August 1, 2009

One Knight Stand

Black leaves fall from the sky
Tears fall freely one by each eye

Severe Breath choking Challenges came
The Prince is trying to be sane

Silver Silk touch by the moon's Rays
He rides his horse but still wants to stay

Dark clouds fill the Day with gloom
When will the Prince grow and bloom

These Nights filled with Despair
How can his will be repaired

Never to backdown the prince always saying
But how can this be when all his pride was slain

Fiery eyes of the red sun has set his mood
hoping that this year will be good

her princess awaits her humble knight
will this savior be worthy by the king's sight

Fallen warriors never last the battle with a smile
Survivors are the only one who past the trial

The prince will always be there in her view
hoping that he would slay every foe along his way
and win the kings heart on cue

~Kidium Masters~

February 28, 2009

As Eagles Spread their wings...Turtles come out of their shells

Reminder of love
Every time I see a dove
Create an everlasting trust by heart
Together we will not part
Indistinct voices heard
Time of life is short like thread
Unbreakable Chain we are
Destroyed by no one on this rhyme

Venture this path of gold
Every time I see you I try to be bold
Never will I be raged
Test of patience as I aged
Undeniable faith on the Lord
Rhythm of my love on this chord
Another story told

Free yourself from guilt
Offer your soul to me
Release all anger felt
Tomorrow wont be over for you and I
Unchained melodies created
Now and forever you are mine
Along this road we share for all this time

Fear of keeping you for myself
Amidst all odds I want you by my side
Dreams would come true with her guide
Unchanging will lending her hand to help
Leave her be for she is mine to hold

Time is at the very essence of life
Another heart almost came at my presence alive
Love I felt for you all this time
Anger never entered as long you are mine
God gave you to me
As I wish for true love to be

Tender love and care I ought to have
I never doubted God in everything even on love
As the music plays all this time
No body will replace you inside my heart
Golden Time I grabbed to see you day by day
Cover me with your arms tonight
Over and over I would stay in your arms Forever

~Kidium Masters~

February 1, 2009


A heart is fragile as a glass
Be careful in holding on
Cause it might break---Fast

Large scars left behind its veins
Will I still be Sane

The flow of blood ends here
The hearts stops pumping

I am all broken inside and out
But princess its not your fault
Please do not be sad

As I gasp for my last breath

I. . .

~Kidium Masters~

Princess of the stars

Look how bright the stars glow
Watch how fast my love grows

Beautiful constellations formed above
Seems like my heart was robbed

This universe is so vast
How come life is too fast

You are entitled as a princess
Why not hurt me less

I maybe a slave
But I am always brave

Every time I see the castle of the stars
I remember a princess filled with scars

Come in my arms princess of the stars
I am a slave who can heal all your scars

~Kidium Masters~

Last painful will

Wandering day and night
trying to find you without any fight

Searching helplessly
Tears flowing out of me

I kept coming back to this rotten tree
And it feels like a nightmare
When will I be free

I kept seeing my self in front of me
Seems at rest but pleading for a
Simple glee

What if all was planned?
What if everything seems real but it was not
Fantasy is just like reality
A dream that might never come true

All alone I traveled on vast land
Searching for a place to call home

What if everything she does is to
Help you realize that you are only
Alive on their hearts?

Can you accept a fact?
Can you believe the truth?
All things you have done
Just ended with a single tear

A ghost that never knew his own death
Never really existed..

~Kidium Masters~

Prince of autumn leaves

The Fresh fragrance in the air
And the sweet smile she wear
Revives this very heart of mine
As I watched her from a far and drank my wine

This tree I swore to protect with my heart
Keeps me from being torn apart
Her heart contained inside my life
When will she be my loving wife

Wait for its leaves turn bright gold
That would put your heart on hold
Listen closely to what I am going to tell
For it might save you from eternal damnation in hell

The winter night would feel better
When you would say I love you forever

~Kidium Masters~